jeudi 1 décembre 2016

Learning to fly (and really FLY!) such a legend

I was particularly blessed to be included in the Team of absolutely great people, back in September 2015. After a winter of maintenance, yes, this old Lady requires more maintenance than is capable of flying, I did the Type Rating on the plane, theory, real aircraft handling and a direct view of its systems in the hangar next door.
Francisco Agullo not only is the Chief and Founder of the Super Constellation Flyer Association but also is a check airman on almost every single airplane that can be qualified as a real flying machine. Such as the DC-3, DC-4/6/7, B-757/767 and many more. Having him as my Instructor brought me a full knowledge of the intricacies of the DC-3. A real joy and excitement, the word "piloting" is totally appropriate here. Simulated engine failure on climb out, real single engine approaches and go-arounds, crosswinds landings and approaches to minimums in real CAT I weather. I missed the most important one, that will replace most approaches in the future, RNAV GNSS approaches with LPV minimas! Yes, we are indeed qualified to fly them on the DC-3 (and still, not as easy as on the Airbus...)

"Fifty, Forty, Thirty, Twenty..."

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  1. Raph,
    Congratulations on the new blog! I'm very excited to read about your worldwide adventures flying the Breitling DC-3 Team!