jeudi 26 janvier 2017

Getting HB-IRJ in the air again after 4 months of maintenance

We took the airplane out from the hangar for a thorough inspection  before its engine cowlings were put on. This allowed any leak, suspicious vibration to be detected. After that, Paul had to get his european DC-3 rating validated from his actual U.S. DC-3 rating. As a matter of fact, with such experience and airmanship, it took him the exact hour to be on his feet and ready to hit the road. 
I will have the chance to fly in Japan with Paul also, and crossing the Pacific next June towards Alaska. I am looking forward to it, to say the least!

This picture is taken mid-flight and Paul looks concentrated with his throttle management. The wonderful girl on the left is Marie, my One and Only, supporting me on that amazing tour with a load of love. Marie and I were quite busy that morning, having to put seat row back on the plane. Believe me, this is no easy task and required some attention as no one from us in the hangar had ever done this before.

 Hard work done!

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