lundi 6 mars 2017

Following us on the Tour and actual routing

Bonjour tout le monde, Good Morning everyone!

Some people asked me about the routing. I can put the link to the Breitling website, dedicated to the DC-3. There you will find the actual up to date routing. We intend to leave Geneva to Zagreb in Croatia on the 9th March in the afternoon. However on the Breitling website it is still shown as a departure for the 10th, this is due to the weather, quite unpredictable those days. If everything runs as we want then it will depart on the 9th after the Press and Media flight. There is also our Breitling DC-3 own website where you will find the actual position of the DC-3, just like on Flight Radar 24!

Enjoy and I'll keep you in the loop soon

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