lundi 12 juin 2017

Mount Rainier photo flight and friendship

On the morning of the 12th Paul and I discussed our day plan. It was quite simple. Go to the airport, continue cleaning the beautiful plane that brought us here and then, at the end of the day, weather permitting (and it was promising!), fly in formation with Paul Briede and John Parker next to their Bonanza around Mount Rainier! Before going in the air we made a careful briefing with everyone involved. Especially making sure we have the correct frequency air to air, the airspace available for the pictures and a backup plan in case we need to abort.

Our photographer and friend Gregory Lemoigne was also on board and the results are speechless. To get this result Paul Bazeley made an incredible job keeping up the DC-3 as close as possible to the Bonanza and while I was dealing with radios and some propeller adjustments, the Big Boss was him! I bet you want to see those pictures so enough writing, here is what you want.

After this memorable flight, still with sparkles in my eyes and not really realising what we just did, we fuelled the airplane and made it ready for its next day as we had finally our journalists on board. By the time we came back on the ground, my friend and author Eric Auxier (remember the famous book "The Last Bush Pilots"??!) was landing at SeaTac on the second jumpseat of an Alaskan Boeing 737! Francisco was very nice to invite Eric to join us on the journalist flight and also letting him ride to Aurora for the last flight before the maintenance program! Eric was delighted, he is so enthusiastic about everything that flies that he asked Airways Magazine for a possible article on HB-IRJ! And he was here for this! We met at Boeing Field and Eric stayed at the same hotel as us. 

There I Wuz!

Riding the small jumpseat of the 737

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