samedi 20 mai 2017

20th May 2017, Open House Day at the Bonanza ;-)

6.45am, wake up time, nevertheless that’s just the third time I personnaly wake up during the night. Who said something about jetlag ??! 

Breakfast done, our transportation awaited us already for our 7.45am departure to Kobe airport where we will prepare our DC-3 for the day. Today the program is quite simple, try to do the same as yesterday but even better ! We have two photo shooting flights to do and in the afternoon some 42 Breitling guests will be visiting our airplane, each coming into groups of about 4 people. Bearing in mind the temperature which rises quite a lot at the moment (27 degrees C), it will be pretty warm inside the plane ! 

But before this happens, I have to share with you some of the greatest pictures of the DC-3 you will ever see. They were taken by my girlfriend Marie from a Beech Bonanza with its door taken off ! Thanks to Katsu for his amazing proposal, Marie did probably one of the most memorable flight of its kind. Even Francisco, who has flown many hours, never saw his DC-3 from the air ! Here she is, awaiting our engine start before she can jump onto the A36!

Nice engine hey?! ;-)

From a Bonanza, door opened

Adjusting the throttles and props!

The afternoon was a great opportunity to meet some enthusiastic people from Japan, owner of a Breitling watch and they were given the opportunity to visit our airplane. Some interesting questions, some of them more common than others but always present to answer them ! At the same time Francisco had to do some speeches in front of the Press, also right under the sun !
Having finished at approximately 3.30pm, Gérard had time to check our engine number 2 mixture control trouble. Although you only see half of my face, I hope you will appreciate the video, live from the hangar !

Here is also another video, explaining some parts of the DC-3 and the mixture controller, hope you enjoy !

Tonight will be the most incredible journey through the beef (yes, you got it, again, Kobe beef !!!) Breitling Japan invited us for a Beef dinner with some special guests, definitely not a place for vegetarians ! Poor Marie ! The place we went is called Kobe Plaisir, a little hidden gem inside a building, no terrace but private rooms to accommodate up to 8 guests around a Teppanyaki. Thank you Breitling to make us discover such places !

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