mercredi 31 mai 2017

Blue Impulse and Matsushima children flights

Weather forecast for the day looks promising for our midday departure from Sendai. It does however looks quite foggy for the rest of the afternoon and especially in the evening. Our TAF (Terminal Area Forecast) reports some coastal fog to appear at 1800 local time, with overcast at 800 feet and scattered clouds at 300 feet. The only approach available at Matsushima is a PAR (Precision Approach Radar) which is basically a talk down approach. Not so easy to fly a precise degree of correction on a DC-3! 
Today we had a total of 5 flights, including the two positioning ones. If you want to see what it looks like inside the cockpit of the DC-3 during take-off, then have a look at that video!

There is also one camera that shows you the exterior, despite the windshield being a tad dirty, sorry!

We flew a short flight of about 15 minutes towards Matsushima AFB, landing on runway 07, still with a good visibility.

A huge welcome ceremony was to follow, and here is the result, all the kids that were to be flown with the whole Air Base people!

After this the Blue Impulse flew their air show right over the DC-3!

On our local flights we had again all the kids coming to see us up front, all wide eyes open!

Paul and Francisco did the two middle flights with kids and on the last one, the weather exactly dropped down like planned, leaving them with the only option to do a PAR to runway 07! Not something you often do! Then we flew back to Sendai, all IFR and at night! My very first night IFR flight, with an ILS to runway 27 at Sendai and especially a good crosswind of around 30 its during the approach, only 9 knots on the ground, fortunately enough for me!!

To this day, we flew a total of 10 flights with children here in Japan since I came to Kobe on the 19th. Some great memories.

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