mercredi 24 mai 2017

Time off to Tokyo on 23rd and 24th May

23rd May

This morning we let ourselves waking up without alarm clock. Too difficult to get enough rest lately. But we still woke up early, so after breakfast we head toward the train station and pick up one of the fastest Shinkansen, the Yamabiko Shinkansen towards Tokyo.

A nice touch from Breitling Japan is to enable Marie and I to get a nice hotel in Tokyo, the Sheraton Miyako. Close to the train station and also to a very nice park in the city center. We walked quite a bit and stopped for lunch, having missed cheese so much, I cannot help but eat a full Camembert, all by myself !

We headed to the Yoyogi Park, an old Emperess garden which is a heaven in the city center, especially today, 29°C in Tokyo with a lot of humidity. I won’t complain, the weather has been so great until now ! This park also contains an inner park with a Iris river, not quite blosoming now but nice anyway.

Strange leaf with a half moon-face!

After having spent some 1.5 hours walking there, we stopped for a well deserved ice cream and thereafter continued our routing back to the hotel, this time wandering around this amazing city.

When we arrived at the hotel it was already almost dark and after a short shower we went for dinner. What a nice present to spend some time off with my lovely girlfriend. Sadly, the next day will be the one she goes back to Switzerland, someone has to work and bring money home, hey !

24th May

This morning again we wake up at 5.45am to be ready for our train ride to Narita airport. Waving goodbye to Marie isn’t a simple thing to do, we won’t see each others until mid June! 

I take the train this time alone back to Koriyama, where I’ll spend the day working on this blog and also doing some work for our Shemya permit and electronic Custom and Border Protection autorisation for the USA arrival. Our Shemya landing permit is still pending and Francisco is working hard to make it work. Katsu also, thanks to his incredible connexions around the World!

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