mardi 16 mai 2017

Day -1 (and local newspaper portrait)

It is quite hard to describe my feelings today, enjoying a warm and sunny day, great lunch with my parents and some gardening before its time to go! Also, never say no to a good swiss wine!

Everything is packed in our suitcases (at least that's what we think...) and we are eager to be on our way. 

On today's local newspaper, Mr Didier Sandoz wrote a great article that relates my sometimes hard way around to the left seat of an Airliner and also about the incredible chance I have to fly the Breitling DC-3. Here it is

My mother isn't that scared of what I do, that's more an insider joke than anything else ;-) However, Marie really flies and lands on glaciers, and that's a totally different type of Aviation. Aren't we looking good with our Belgium and Switzerland T-shirt?

Time to call it a day now, get some rest because tomorrow will be a long day positioning to Kobe via Zürich and Tokyo plus 4 hours of train. Hoping to get some good pictures on the way to Kobe, on the Shinkansen, travelling at 280 km/h that won't be so easy!

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